“Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later.” This is what our team believes in and works for. We are very happy to see the remarkable result of our hard work and how we could turn a revolutionary idea into a tangible application; Propertyin360. Most importantly, we are very blissful and grateful to introduce such an original application to the world, knowing that with Propertyin360 we are contributing in creating a more steady and professional platform for the real estate industry, hotel business, and others.

Nowadays, if real estate agencies want to make money, they have to look for clients through the internet where they sell and rent properties through such websites as Propertyfinder, JustProperty, Dubizzle, and etc. iMENA Group which is considered as an operator for online business in the MENA region has delivered an investment to JRD (operator of region’s real estate industry), the iMENA plans to utilize this investment towards rapidly expanding its industry-leading platforms and products within the real estate space across the Middle East and abroad.

This means that the main key to success for real estate agencies is the way their properties are displayed online and whether this way attracts the attention of their customers or not. Therefore, what gives a value to their business is following up with the latest technologies offered by the digital world.

Consequently, Propertyin360 can benefit such websites as Dubizzle, JustProperty, Propertyfinder, and etc, if they include the feature of inserting our virtual tours within every publication of property on their website. Because photos and videos are considered late technology for this industry, virtual tours are the only outstanding choice. Virtual tours can give a real sense of reality to the customers when they are looking for a property, whereas photos and videos cannot give that sense.

Similarly, hotels can be benefited of Propertyin360 by inserting virtual tours of the rooms, suites, facilities, and restaurants they have, on their web page. As well as, this app can benefits any business wants to attract the attention of customers to urge them to visit or use what they offer. Restaurants, cafes, health and sport clubs, playgrounds, etc can all be examples. On the other hand, Propertyin360 can be beneficial for any personal business or personal use.

What is unique about this application is that users don’t have to buy a lens or any additional devices to shoot the tour. The app is a camera and a viewer of the virtual tours, users can create virtual tours and at the same time they can view the tours. That makes Propertyin360 convenient for everyone and easy to use.

Finally, Propertyin360 is the promise of the future for real estate industry where the app will take this industry to higher levels and contribute in generating more profits and sales for it. The mobile app was developed by digital agency in Dubai Heptagon Multimedia.