Franklin D. Roosevelt had once said, ‘Real estate cannot be lost or stolen, nor can it be carried away. Purchased with common sense, paid for in full, and managed with reasonable care, it is about the safest investment in the world.’

These days both buyers and sellers begin the real estate journey on the web. Whether it’s searching for listings or finding real estate, people start online first and then agent second. Internet has become a trusted medium for most of the required information. That’s why it’s as important than ever to combine digital marketing into your real estate business, in order to make your presence and listings found.

The need for digital marketing in real estate projects holds great significance,to have large insight over competition as well as to be in direct touch with customers and potentials elevates your grounds. The companies that do not have online presence or aren’t active in promoting their projects online will lose in the competitive battle of real estate dominance.

Due to its unlimited reach potential, digital marketing for real estate is known to have shown a rapid increase in the number of participants almost by 300%, and property sellers now have opportunities to convert them to buyers or potential customers for future projects. Since, buyers want a more personal buying experience on high value properties, they are more often than not prefer digital adverts online.
Why Should you have Digital Marketing campaigns?
With an estimated user base of 250 million people online in 2014, it makes a lot of sense to be present to the digital world in an assertive manner . The reason being it reduces the cost of marketing when compared to conventional types such as TV, radio, print etc. and gives opportunities for investment. Keeping in mind the youth of the country as well as digital agencies are tech savvy and easier to engage them with this preferred medium of marketing. A recent studies show that the internet is influencing real estate purchases value approximately $43 billion!


Searching for property and hunting for a suitable location is usually a tiresome process for both buyer and agent. What if we told you there is a way to ease the process of inspection and communication between client and agent?

Luckily there is !

Imagine a situation where you dont have time to meet with real estate agent or you need to show your property to the customer in more better way than just photos. This is where our app PropertyIn360 comes in hand, by allowing agencies to create virtual tours of all potential location with full access for clients all on a easy-to-use application. Forget everything you knew about photos and videos options, this is a world which elegantly combines the two.

PropertyIn360 is the next best thing to hit the real estate market, offering an unparalleled ability to capture the necessary photos that takes your real estate agency to the next level.

The 360 Experience delivers completely easy, seamless and revolutionary panoramic views that compliment clients experience without the distraction of disjointed photos – a viewing experience that previous property apps have yet to match. Featuring perfect resolution with HD focus across the entire panorama, results in the most uniform image detail possible.
Property 360 elevates both real estate access and buyers interest as it bridges a technological gap between the two worlds.

Created by Heptagon Multimedia , an exceptional organization with an extraordinary client focus. Our essential mission is to give moderate yet unique solutions to people and organizations that all searching for a creative energy to their digitial plan. In todays world, clients are requesting an increase in visual information at the speed of light whilst requiring superb quality. PropertyIn360 offers both. We take pride in being an industry pioneer for this new, inventive tool.